We advise businesses, regulators, and governments on matters of financial regulation and financial crime, globally.  Independence and intellectual rigour are the cornerstones of our business.  Consequently, we advise without fear or favour.

We specialise in tackling the most difficult and profound issues relating to financial regulation and financial crime. We principally advise:

  • Businesses which are facing or preparing to face regulatory or criminal investigation or which wish to assess and manage their exposure to corruption, money laundering, and sanctions compliance risk
  • Financial sector regulators regarding the conduct of investigations and matters of policy
  • Governments, national and supra-national bodies on matters of policy relating to financial regulation and financial crime

By focussing exclusively on these areas we have developed an unrivalled reputation for expertise and the provision of shrewd strategic and tactical advice.

We prize our independence: we do not provide audit, litigation, or accountancy services to our business clients.  Nor do we undertake compliance consultancy engagements.  As a result, those who instruct us know that the integrity of our work is guaranteed by our uniquely objective and impartial approach, which eliminates conflicts of interest, whether actual or perceived.  


Expert subject matter contributors to KYC360, the global online community of AML professionals.


Regulatory advisers to KYC Global Technologies.