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Natural Resources Businesses

Business in the natural resources sector have never been under greater pressure than they are today in relation to corruption and sanctions compliance risk.  Stephen Platt & Associates has extensive experience of identifying and mitigating financial crime vulnerabilities and is expert in relation to the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act, and US extra-territoriality.  We utilise these attributes to enable our clients to proactively identify and mitigate problem areas before they result in external scrutiny or investigations, and to correct vulnerabilities which are subject to external scrutiny or investigation.

Our people are principally engaged in the conduct of regulatory investigations, as a result of which we approach every engagement with a degree of rigour and objectivity which is unlikely to result from the instruction of our clients’ existing accountants or lawyers.  In consequence, we are uniquely placed to assist with:

  • The identification of existing or potential risks relating to corruption, sanctions compliance, country risk, money laundering, or terrorist financing, including the analysis of existing primary and secondary controls, and related corporate governance
  • The quantification of liabilities arising or likely to arise from the crystallisation of such risks
  • The construction and implementation of controls to improve the identification and management of financial crime and sanctions compliance risk
  • Engagement with regulatory, prosecutorial, or investigative bodies in order to procure the most favourable outcome